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Simply put there is no one to vote for...

Simply put there is no one to vote for. Were simply democratically electing dictators. The party we elect will have no intention of doing what we want.

Torys are all about making the rich richer, Labour are no longer anything that could be considered a workers party, and are fighting with the Torys over who can sell our remaining services off to big business. Lib Dems. polices are reactionary to the other two main parties, and have no real policy of their own, and will say what ever will help them get votes from the other two parties. The green party are not all that green, and have offered no real solutions to the problems that big business is causing.

BNP, are just as bad as the above, except they have the added bonus of being racist as well. UKIP whole argument is "lets leave Europe", and stop all the nasty foreigners from coming, stop all the immigrates that are running our hospitals and care homes for pathetically and sometimes illegally low wages.

Democratic control needs to taken by the workers, like the htttp:// is for. However they are only standing in a few seats, which doesn't include my area.

written 8th Apr 2005


Jeffrey replies: ... motivated enough to join and stand yourself? I'm in a similar situation, and if my situation was different I might try it.

written 8th Apr 2005

Darren replies: I have joined, but I dont think I could stand for myself yet. Im helping out in another area, doing Canvasing, stalls, etc. Prehaps in 4/5 years time.

written 8th Apr 2005

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