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Why should I?

Why should I? All the parties just seem to have whatever the publc want on their manifesto in varying volumes and pitches.

Which I suppose is a good thing because it's what the public want, but what I want, nobody's offering. Even if it was, the manifesto would miraculously change if/when they got (re)elected.

I'm 22, I come from a separated family and I'm the only person that earns enough income (on paper) to support the bills and get a mortgage for my mother and I to live in. I'm earning a decent wage but drowning in debt because credit companies offered me a carrott when I was 18 and I took it (/them).

There are plenty of people like me who are just trying to lead an honest and decent life: I don't steal, I don't smoke, I don't take drugs, I don't drink to excess, so I don't sponge off the health service.

I drive, so I pay tax on fuel, tax on the roads, tax on insurance, and tax on my car. I own a house, so I pay council tax. I work, so I pay income tax. I buy stuff, so I pay tax on my clothes, tax on my food, tax on my 'net connection, and tax on the toilet paper I wipe my arse with.

I feel as though I'm paying the Government to give money away to all the other groups, that I don't belong to; the pensioners, the immigrants, the criminals, the homeless, the unemployed, the disabled.

Everyone except the rest of us. The people who keep this country running. The people who put money into the banks and pockets of the Government. The people who pay for all of the above to get support for the things that happen to them.

What would happen if I was to give up working, give up everything that I have done for myself, and join the likes of the homeless, and the unemployed? What would happen if everyone did it?

C'mon, lads. Rob the rich to give to the poor. They can afford it; we can't.

Don't rob us all and keep it for yourself.

My postal ballot is staying in its envelope this year.

written 8th Apr 2005


Jeffrey replies: Compared to most people around the world, you are rich and so they are robbing you to pay the poor. Personally, I'd be happy to pay to help disadvantaged groups and don't like the idea that the government has to be all about giving me more money. In that view, you would prefer not to pay the unemployed, the immigrants the pensioners etc. let them like in squalor on the streets, just so you can have enough money for a new iPod.

I'm 21 white male, and I was shocked at the amount of tax I had to pay on my paycheck. Truth be told, I was livid. But public services need to be paid for in some way, and I am glad that they are. I think its fair that we help the unemployed find jobs, that pensions are given a reasonable standard of living and that refugees are made safe and welcome.

Now if you didn't want to vote because all the parties are the same anyway, you would have a point. But don't think that the government should always be giving things to you.

written 8th Apr 2005

Gavin replies: It's all about value for money - if the taxes actually seemed to be providing something for us and to be making a real difference to other groups, then that would be fine. But while it's still rather appealing to quit your job, spend all your money and get yourself on the council housing list (perhaps by impregnating someone) because it seems you'd get a fairer deal that way, you can see why people can get a little pissed off at times.

The thing is, we're taxed so much to pay for other people's kids, etc. Then, when we have kids, other people are taxed to pay for ours kids. If we could all just keep a little more of our own money, we could just pay our own way and be done with it. All this nannying just makes everyone feel poorer and less in control.

I live in a pretty small, but accepable flat, which I rent. I work full time. So does my girlfriend. We make ends meet and we do have some savings, but we could only just about afford a small house. There's a guy in the same block with an identical flat who does fuck all but has pretty much the same lifestyle as us (and no, he doesn't have any valid excuses). That bites.

written 11th Apr 2005

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