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Consultation not Conflict

* Politicians should be voted for by their characters, and not their policies. These character qualities are essential spiritual qualities: of humbleness, delight in listening to others, frankness, energy, detachment and loving servitude to the global good.
* By voting in people of good character, you can trust them to do the best of a very difficult task.
Everywhere in society has advanced in leaps and bounds wherever decisions have been made by those with qualification to make them. An equation in quantum mechanics or maths would never be decided on by a democratic public vote, or you would have chaos, and neither should social policies be decided by a public vote.
* Politicians with the above spiritual qualities should ensure that practical policy questions are addressed by those with (practical) qualifications in a detached and spiritual way, as well as providing the coherent vision and direction required for the emotional stability of the world.
* It is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTIBLE that the harmony and wholeness of a country should rest upon the foundation of a deeply entrenched system that is inherently conflict-based, antagonistic, suppressive of expression, and emotionally humiliating to all concerned, for everything that stems from such a system will have embedded in it those same qualities. Rather, whatsoever you base on true, reflective and listening consultation and harmonious love of diversity, will outshine the fruits of conflict a thousandfold, as a sun outshines a candle, and from it the fruits of those same qualities will be sown in all things.

written 8th Apr 2005

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