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List of reasons:
Have to vote absentee ballot (not in UK), didn't find out until *after* the deadline had passed.

UK still has a representative democracy, not a real democracy. (read this as an elected aristocracy, it amounts to the same thing)

Parties are a terrible idea - how can you agree with a manifesto? Answer you can't, I agree with X of one and Y of another and Z of yet another - oh and endorsing either X, Y, or Z means ignoring the two options that I'd really like to support.

Tories: Jingoistic, racist, whatever, I have a "foreign", "immigration-seeking" wife - think I'll vote for them?

Labour: ID card bill, Prevention of Terrorism Act, WMD, Iraq, Suspension of habeas corpus,Trial by jury limitations - Blair, Blunkett and Jack Straw are 3 of the most right-wing politicians that have ever had a sniff of power in the UK.

One last thought:
When enough people give up on the political process, doesn't it suggest that the process needs to be changed? Free-market capitalism with a dash of democracy is no longer viewed as the best option, we should change the system - problem is that trying to do so is at best extremely difficult.

written 8th Apr 2005


michael replies: Elements of direct democracy could help, by providing meaningful ways to participate and reminding politicians who is in charge. See

written 8th Apr 2005

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