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They're not voting because...

a vote thats not for Labour or Tory ...

a vote thats not for Labour or Tory is wasted thanks to the archaic First Past the Post system.

I will have to spend about one hour on polling day to vote. I am reluctant to spend that amount of time, just to be another statistic. If my vote is not for 1st or 2nd place, then it won't count towards anything at all.

I've written to my MP and given my views and the reply was "thanks for your letter. I believe you are wrong. Bye". He was about as receptive as the brick wall that holds my house up.

The party whip system means that MPs are mere robots encouraged not to think individually and vote how they are told to from their party. Not towing the party line means the party kicks you out - see ex-Tory chairman.

Just have a look at PMQ to see what these guys have turned into. The whole idea of a "debate" in the House of Commons is farsical when the place is drawn up as two sides facing eachother in an arena. Fact based arguments fall beneath the boot of party political point scoring.

I'm not totally disillusioned. At least our system isn't as corrupt as the US elections which are corporatist/fascist in all but name (yet). Some of our MPs actually genuinely care about the good of the country and have genuine principles and philosophies. My old MP was like that, though unfortunately he has had to stand down for the next election due to ill health. And some of the really good ones are stepping down or quitting as MPs as they don't fit the robot mindset.

If I happen to go past a polling station on polling day and the queues not too large, I'll probably register my useless vote for the Lib Dems. Otherwise, its simply not worth the time and bother. I've got better things to do, like cleaning the bathroom or feeding the cat - something that actually makes a difference.

written 13th Apr 2005


David replies: The queues won't be too large. Half the electorate won't turn up - given FPTP, it's easy to see why.

written 13th Apr 2005

Al replies: I agree (but still voting Lib Dem and urge you to do the same!), how can you call it democracy when the majority of the country can vote for a particular party and someone else can get in!

Of course Labour and Tories won't change the system because it works for them. This isn't a democracy.

written 14th Apr 2005

Michael replies: This is a valid point, but could i just ask, have you considered joining/participating in one of the many campaigns to bring in PR? I sincerely hope you have done so or will do so in th near future because while venting frustration on this website may help your immediate need to release anger only joining a sustained effort to reforn the system will actually make the people who have the power to change sit up and take notice.

written 14th Apr 2005

Al replies: I was not aware of any but would be interested. How can we make proportional representation happen with a government in power that would oppose the system?

Do you have any details?

written 14th Apr 2005

Michael replies: try and these are the ones i frequent but im sure theres others on the wide web.

written 15th Apr 2005

Al replies: Thanks.

I've signed up.

written 15th Apr 2005

Michael replies: glad to hear, the more of us in this the sooner we can get sonething done

written 16th Apr 2005

Roger replies: You seem to have destroyed your own arguments here, I agree that it is likely that close to half of the electorate will not bother to vote, but therefore, obviously, it is possible for any candidate to win any seat, the only thing stopping this happening is your own apathy. I happen to like the present system, in my area we all have a choice as to the most appropriate person to represent us in parliment, where is the justice in an individual who cannot gain local popular support getting in through the back door from votes in other areas completely disasotiated with my own

written 18th Apr 2005

mehkri replies: Original poster: mate, i wouldn't even vote for Lib-Dem. I live in Lib-Dem Local council area - what a waste they are. And they talk about even increasing the burden of tax as if it is not already breaking the back under the Brown's golden rule.

written 18th Apr 2005

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