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To vote gives support, albeit tacit ...

To vote gives support, albeit tacit support to the political process. Whereas many people will say if you don't vote, you shouldn't complain about the outcome, I would argue the contrary.

If I do not vote, I am not giving my validation to the political system in the country. People who do vote, are indirectly stating that they abide by and accept the outcome because they've "played by the rules" for want of a better phrase.

Let us say I do not believe in the ability or the legitimacy of the "elected" members of Parliament to enact laws that curtail my liberties or represent my interests in a pluralistic society. Was it not Rousseau who argued that a person need not even obey a law they had prescribed to themselves? Therefore, what legitimacy have laws enacted by others to control and abridge my freedoms?

If there were some form of "none of the above" or "I reject the system" option on the ballot paper, I may be more inclined to utilize my suffrage. As things stand, we have no real option of influencing the political process, we only become embroiled in a petty party game.

Therefore I shall not vote on May 5th.

written 8th Apr 2005


Jeff replies: I like cheese.

written 8th Apr 2005

Gavin replies: Unfortunately, if you do not vote, you are lumped together with all the people who did not vote for other reasons, forgot, or could not be bothered. Arguably, even apathy makes a point - if you couldn't even be bothered to turn out, you are clearly so uninspired by the political system that you felt them was no point - but if that is not the point you are trying to make, then you are being misrepresented by your non-vote.

I can't think of a better way of demonstrating your distaste, though, aside from setting up your own political party or posting on here.

written 8th Apr 2005

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A lot of users would like us to mention that if you spoil your ballot paper, it will be counted. So if you want to record a vote for "none of the above", you can.