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They're not voting because...

Its a complete waste of time. Whoever...

Its a complete waste of time. Whoever you vote for will still raise taxes and screw you where ever you turn. Green house gases will still get worse and people will still be charged through the nose to drive a car (even though its really nothing to do with cars anymore).

I would rather poke myself in the eye with a blunt stick than vote for these twisted money grabbing fools.

Like you say, spoiling is a possiblity (large X across the whole paper), but I have _important_ things to do in my life.

The very day Mark Thomas runs for PM I will be there marking the "X" in the box. Even then, could you really trust him? Wouldnt he just end up like the rest of them eventually?

Anyway, I better get back to my capitalist compliance.

written 8th Apr 2005


Tony Bliar replies: Agree with you, apart from the little mistake on global climate change. Climatologists reckon that 50% of atmospheric carbon dioxide put into the sky by humans arises from road transport.

written 8th Apr 2005

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