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One of the unfortunate truths in life is that almost alll social problems are not amenable to simple, mono-thematic solutions. Compounding this issue is the apparent fact that the general populace does not want to accept this fact.

I do not believe politicians as a class begin political life as cynical, manipulative shysters. Indeed, most of my acquaintances involved in the political process (across a wide spectrum) began with the best of intentions. Hoever, they have uniformly emerged over time as deeply distrustful of the electorate's willingnees to adopt real, long-term and uncomfortable changes necessary to deliver benefits. Electorates appear to prefer solutions that only impact upon others.

With this scenario it is unlikely anyone will ever deliver real social change within a democratic process. Indeed, voting does only encourage the ELECTORATE, not the politicians to believe they can make changes. Perhaps the only realistic mechanism available to effect change is violent revolution.

This seems to be one of those core problems of democratic human society - that the democratic process itself mitigates against its aims.

written 8th Apr 2005


Gavin replies: The truth is, most things are mostly OK for most people. As such, the issues that parties claim they will adjust will positively affect a very small number of people, in most cases, or negatively affect a similarly small number of people. It's all a balancing act and while the balance is more or less acceptable to the majority, the system will remain as it is. If we did rise up and revolt, what would we actually do any differently? The government has a significant influence on the way everything works in the country, but only through a fairly lengthy process. Most day to day things are run by cross-party or independant groups, government decisions chip away at the edges. Would it really be better if everything changed over night? I would have thought not.

written 8th Apr 2005

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