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I'm not English, but Australian...but...

I'm not English, but Australian...but although I turned 28 this year, I've only voted once since I became eligible. (18) The last time at least was because I'd moved house and hadn't registered, so they wouldn't let me. I responded by rather loudly announcing that I thought the process was a worthless sham anyway, and I was only trying to in order to avoid being fined. My father said that if it had been during World War 2 that I had said that, I would have run the risk of being hospitalised. Dad should realise of course that the world is a very different place now though.

John Howard is in my opinion very largely a yes-man to George W Bush. I personally do not believe that from the American perspective, the ANZUS treaty is worth the paper it is printed on...We can honour it as much as we like from our side of the fence, but America is under no real obligation that we can enforce to hold up its end of it. Howard is an unutterable fool if he believes otherwise.

The other thing I really dislike about the Australian Liberal Party is that they are still playing the same dominance game with the electorate that they have always played. The Labour Party in this country have virtually no ability whatsoever to manage our economy...whenever they get into power, the economy very rapidly collapses, almost as predictably as clockwork, whereas under the Howard government, we're currently running at something like 5% unemployment and a budget surplus...which again, is the norm for a Liberal government. Howard knows this, and uses it in order to be able to engage in undemocratic acts...such as supporting the war in Iraq, which he well knows that the majority of the Australian population do not want. If the electorate complain about this, the implied threat is always there that if we vote in the other major party, although they may listen to us a bit more, the economy will go into its usual tailspin when they get into office. What this effectively means is that the Liberal Party basically has the country completely over a barrel...We need a more effective opposition party.

I also think that if you want only people from the UK to express their opinion on this site, you need to change its domain to as .com is for international when people come here from other places, seeing as it's a .com, they expect that you will want their opinion as well.

written 8th Apr 2005

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