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I am a highly paid...

I am a highly paid single person. No party is interested in me besides my pay packet.

written 7th Apr 2005


James replies: If your so highly paid, then you must be in the top 1% of all human beings on this planet. Surely, now is the time that you have the luxury to consider how best to help those around you. Not just by splashing a bit of dosh to charity every now and again, but actually taking time out, say 10% of your working time, out, unpaid, to help your local community, to campaign for environmental improvement, or use your influence in business to help steer 'corporates' towards more sustainable ways of working. Here's my tip: investigate sustainable development and Agenda 21. Vote green in the next election to illustrate the peoples interest to protect what is rapidly turning into a cancerous, infected and dying ecosystem. This way, your favourite animals may survive extinction... you may still be able to eat your favourite fish, ..and you may still be able to go somewhere lovely on holiday, because it will not be flooded and their people not enslaved by you and me and the HSBC.

written 7th Apr 2005

Svet replies: Well, couldn't resist pointing out that approach suggested by James here is designed to make one feel better - but is flawed if you are actually looking for benefit to the society. If you spend one more day working for a grand say and donate half of it to homeless charity or what not it will pay for soup for 1000+ bums. If you spend that day actually pouring the soup you'd have saved them 50 quid tops. Yeah you'd feel more magnanimous but then again - there's better ways to boost one's self-esteem...

As for myself - paying 30 odd PC of my income in tax makes me feel mighty charitable even before all this.

written 7th Apr 2005

Q replies: James's suggestions are about ensuring a sustainable future on a planet with over 6 billion potential consumers. This will take an epic struggle over decades, and none of the major political parties will be offering more than lip service to this challenge over the next few weeks. I wish for your sake, and the sake of future generations that it was only about 'self-esteem'.

If you're clever enough to earn 1000 a day, then you're clever enough to understand the evidence of climate change. If you've managed to avoid the facts then have a look into it, it might just take your mind off the trauma of paying taxes.

written 7th Apr 2005

Svet replies: This is very much off-topic, but UK is not one of the major global polluters - neither in gross nor on the per capita terms. Apart from local pollution in big cities, this should be a political non-issue.

One can argue that the government can apply pressure on other countries - but even if it did, that would be inconsequential. It would do more harm than good to developing countries by stifling their growth and the big guys don't care what UK Green Party thinks.

And thats even before mentioning the fact that any person "clever enough to earn 1000 a day" would recognize that climate change evidence and the extent human influence on it is extremely shaky at best.

written 7th Apr 2005

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