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I'm a student and ive been 'fucking ...

I'm a student and ive been 'fucking betrayed' by Blair and their topup fees. My Uni's area Labour representitive LIED and did a complete uturn!

Now I can't afford to do my 2nd degree (and I must).

The Tories arent a stable enough alternative, and are extremely unlikely to reverse decisions they were against once one government's done the dirty work!

Don't get me started about ID cards... None of them have a clue!

written 9th Apr 2005


Stewart Morris replies: You have just put forward two excellent reasons to vote Lib Dem. They will scrap tuition fees and top-up fees (just as they have already done in Scotland), and they oppose compulsory ID cards. See for more good reasons to vote Lib Dem and give Blair the kicking he deserves.

written 9th Apr 2005

Gavin replies: Ah, the Lib Dems... Let's tax the people who pay the most tax even more. That way, accountants can get even richer as Creative Accountancy allows most high earners to avoid the maximum amount of tax, massively reducing the Lib Dem's convenient jealousy windfall. Surely Robin Hood politics are a tad unrealistic?

written 10th Apr 2005

matt replies: I was entertained by the Scottish Labour MP's who voted for tuition fees for English students and against them for Scottish ones.
Hypocracy? Xenophobia? Maybe even racist?

written 16th Apr 2005

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