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Well, as an American I can only say ...

Well, as an American I can only say why I didn't vote in the American system until 2 years ago. First, the American system is totally corrupt, non-representative of it's people (at the Federal level), and designed as an elitist system to maintain a certain brew of Americans as the primary movers of US politics. Second, the Founding Fathers never bothered to look beyond the inherent bias in the English system and supplanted another elitist system (one minus the hereditary bonus) in the name of Democracy here in America. And third, the Constitution is woefully inadequate for our modern times coupled with an inability for the average voting American to influence Congress except via emails or snail mail to their congressional representatives (which is worthless against the corporate buyout of congressional votes) that the voting process becomes a stamp of approval for a broken and ultimately failing system. In other words, by voting I am saying corruption is OK.

Oh, one more reason: though our Constitution gives protection for the press, it does nothing to ensure the press is really a press. What I mean is news is only news if those who produce it are actually trying to inform the public of real events. Yet in our system, the media are just another corporate entity with financials as the final arbitor of decision-making. Thus the 4th estate Jefferson spoke so necessarily about is nothing more than an estate of the elites. And this brings up the issue of the Conservatives calling the media liberal and the lefties calling it conservative. Why? Simple: the conservatives based their assessment on the media's moral slant and the left bases theirs on the media's political slant. Therefore, the discussion is mute and only fuels the poliferation of stupidty.

Now, why did I begin voting, not sure. Odd that I really have no reason to vote and too many reasons not to vote, but I will continue to vote.

I grow more convinced, day by day, that all human-engineered systems and "isms" are inherently flawed and doomed to failure. If you happen to be in a position to benefit, you get involved, if not, then you tune out. Ultimately, it don't matter. What matters is if you happen to be born in an era when the power base changes and you get caught up in the craziness of world-moving events. Are we there yet, maybe, maybe not.

In America, the dominant MO seems drivin by a sorta self-interest concept falsly labeled enlightened, and where laws are just general boundries for behavior enboldened by this "enlightened" self-interest. (I wouldn't be surprised if many Americans see the Iraq war as OK primarily because it satisfies their desire for maintaining the status quo no matter who it effects negatively. As long one doesn't know the truth then the truth, their truth, frees them of any guilt.)

It's your choice. Hah, the irony of doing something or doing nothing, of fate and feeling none exists, and whether your choice is really a choice after all.

written 8th Apr 2005

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