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The British people are being oppressed by an explosion of surveillance cameras and heavy-handed financial penalties every time they try to drive or park their cars. They no longer have the right to have their case heard in court. Councils reject their cases and then send in the bailiffs. It sickens me what's happening to our country. Yet party leaders have the gall to ask for our votes, when they are making our lives utterly miserable. I shall not vote for ANY of them but will vote for a new party such as UKIP or Veritas.

written 7th Apr 2005


Gavin replies: Oh yeah, because Kilroy will make Britain a better place.

written 11th Apr 2005

Tim replies: What would UKIP or Veritas or Respect parties do? Nothing these are just one or two band parties to satisfy their egoistic needs. Kilroy was not 'elected' to head UKIP so he left it to start veritas. Does he believes is democracy - definitely not otherwise he would not have left UKIP or even Labour in the first place. The guy is a loser - he resigns, run away whenever he cann't get what he think others should do for him. If there is leadership challange in Veritas, what would be do. Start another party?

written 30th Apr 2005

tiger43 replies: Well, as long as your`e a goody toe shoes like me, servailance cameras etc shouldn`t concern you, yes?

written 30th Apr 2005

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