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I will not vote because I refuse to give my power over to another person. When you vote, you endorse the government and the democratic system. You instantly become responsible for everything they do in your name, wether you voted for the winning party or not. You instantly become a legitimate target for all those disgruntled groups that have a quarrel with your government, and have no cause to complain when you get blown up. All those who refuse to vote and wo will not pass their personal responsibility on to murderers, frauds and war criminals are not liable in any way for the actions of the rogue governments and their international law breaking. Until democracy takes account of what the will of the people is on EVERY issue duriing a term I cannot participate in it. This means that when the majority are against going to war, the war should be CANCELLED because it is the will of the people. What is happening now is that you excersise control over your government once every 5 years, and in the intervening time they can do literally anything they like in your name, including murder. This is not democracy, it is total insanity, and anyone who goes along with it willingly is as guilty as if they personally pulled the trigger or opened the bomb bay doors.

written 8th Apr 2005


yup replies: Nice points... Ok so going to war might not be something you can have a say on, but you could vote on fox hunting though.... think of the animals (or something).

written 23rd Apr 2005

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