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Since there is no "none of the above...

Since there is no "none of the above" option (or RON as we used to call it in Student Union elections - Re Open Nominations), I shall spoil my paper. That might sound pointless, but it makes the point that although I value the right to vote, I also value the right to say "none of these jokers are worth voting for". Consider the media reaction if in several constituencies the number of spoilt papers exceeds the majority of the winning candidate. I think it might raise some interesting questions......

written 7th Apr 2005


ZB replies: Excellent. And if "none of the above" wins the biggest number of votes all the candidates are barred from standing at the re-run.

I once considered standing on a platform of : do not just not turn up - show your contempt for your andidates and vote for me instead. If elected I promise I will do nothing except draw the salary and expenses.

Sadly apathy one and I did nothing.


written 7th Apr 2005

Ryan replies: I thought there was a none of the above option...

written 8th Apr 2005

Ginge Evans replies: Unfortunately not which I think is the reason that this site probably exists.

written 8th Apr 2005

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