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I have significant disagreements with some of all the major parties policies. There is not one socially liberal, low taxation, anti-war party out there that I'd trust to run a taste test.

I've voted every time before. Not this time.

I'm closest to the liberals these days, but I strongly disagree with closer political integration with europe - I'm fine with culture and commerce, but our government is hard enough to lobby as it is, without giving more power to the undemocratic EU system. I'm none too happy about their plans to raise taxes either.

Labour are run by a liar, have raised many stealth taxes, and are happily destroying privacy and social justice for 'security'. The Iraq war is the final straw.

The Conservatives have far too much interest in people's bedrooms, and are too close to large corporations for my taste. Their support for the Iraq war was a big mistake too, though certainly on form for them. They're also split on Europe, though they're doing their best to hide it.

None of the rest of the parties have a broad enough range of people or policies to be anything more than a wasted vote.

If only we could have a box marked 'none of the above'.

written 7th Apr 2005

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