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Because I find the levels of corruption, deception and arrogance too much to take from all of the major UK parties. We have 13 years of the Tories screwing the country into the ground while big business and the rich got to rape our economy at every opportunity. Under Labour we have seen war waged based on lies and deception, torture legitimised because the end justifies the means in the war on terror. All of the major parties are now utterly dependent on spin doctors to ensure their corporate message gets across and there is nothing too shameful for any of them to do in the hope of getting power or keeping it.

50 years ago big business created 95% of taxes paid to central government, now its less than 1.5% due to their legitimised tax dodging via the big tax avoidance companies. We the common people are left to hope and pray that our pensions will keep us above the poverty line if we get a chance to retire, but I doubt that they will.

Finally. After four of the five sons in my family dies in WWII to help free the western world from the terror of the NAZIs I am dumb struck that we are so hell bent in diving our society with such patent social injustice that the far right are on the rise again. Are all our current politicians utterly ignorant of what happened in Germany in the 1930s r do they not care as I suspect.

written 8th Apr 2005

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