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I can't because I live overseas

First. I can't. I live in Alaska, and in order to complete a vote from overseas application I need the form witnessed and my citizenship verified by another British Citizen living overseas - who isn't related to me. I would cheat and get an American to do it, except they would need to have a valid passport number, place of issue and date of issue for the form to be accepted.

Second. When voting by post, the voting forms are sent out about a week before the election. That's about the amount of time it takes for ordinary post to arrive in my mailbox from England. So unless I spend around $100 to have it delivered internationally on the same day by Fedex, it won't make it back on time (unless ofcourse it doesn't have to arrive by election day - in which case I still can't send it, because of my first problem).

So I'm not apathetic, I want to vote, always did before I moved - but it's not very likely I can.

written 7th Apr 2005

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