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They're not voting because...

well i think the key is to vote more...

well i think the key is to vote more parties into office. think about it, every year we are tired of the same 2 parties, D and R, D and R.

instead of not voting, why not ALWAYS vote third party, I do, EVEN IF I DON'T LIKE THEM. Why? Imagine, in the future, if we could have the choice of 3 parties, 4 parties, 5 parties? Not just D and R, but other parties with different viewpoints? Imagine if our kids could choose between 15 parties?

Do don't bitch about the goverment, CHANGE IT. And its never going to change with a D or R in office, it will only get more withered.


btw, obviously I live in america (hence the D and R), but the same principle applies to the UK. And while your at it, would someone declare war on us? Our government has spun out of control and i fear that the people cannot stop its growing power and corruption. UN! I pleade with you, this is a call for help! Please LIBERATE the U.S.!

written 7th Apr 2005


Bodshal replies: One particular issue with many-party systems is that if voting ends up distributed between them, such as in certain elections in France, then you can end up with say, only about a fifth of the country having voted for whoever wins in a five party system - something that did happen in France not so long ago (I don't recall what exactly they were voting for, could have been president, prime minister or something else entirely!). It doesn't seem at all a good thing for such a minority to have selected the winner.

I'm no expert on this though, and alternatives do seem sparse - perhaps Proportionate Representation is the key to this situation?

written 27th Apr 2005

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