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Whenever I think of voting I think of all the war I would have condoned had I done so I the past. Every day I work to build something different, something we - the none rich, none powerful - can call our own, voting has no part of that. Party politics just doesn't work. We have more slavery and war than ever before, and some people keep on voting for it.

Let's take this thing into our own hands, start forming structures to live around that mean we can care and support one another. This really isn't as difficult as it sounds when you get rid of the greedy few. I don't vote as it just encourages them.

I cannot legitimise the position of those who in order to rule remove themselves so far from the rest of the human race they cannot communicate with it. The very act itself is immoral. Our political process discusts me.

The election is also on my birthday this year, so that really takes the biscuit. Everyone heads out to the booths so Tony can bomb some more hill farmers. Nice one.

What a great idea for a website by the way.

written 7th Apr 2005


Richard replies: "...when you get rid of the greedy few".

Er, I hope I'm not one of the greedy few if you get elected.

written 7th Apr 2005

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