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I am spoiling my ballot paper because I want to show the authorities that I want to vote, there's just no one I want to vote for.

written 6th Apr 2005


Adam Reynolds replies: Bravo. More people should do this rather than just not vote. It would be a much more powerful statement to our elected representatives if 30 or 40 percent of the population spoiled their papers to register their disapproval rather than just not bothering. At least that way they couldn't claim that the silent majority was happy with the status quo.

written 7th Apr 2005

Jack replies: I didn't know this was possible, but I may now do this.

written 7th Apr 2005

Anonymous replies: Any spolit papers have to be shown to all the canditates standing (or thier agents), in case they think that it could be a vote for them. This is the case, even if the 'vote' is slagging them off, and is obviously not a 'real' vote. You are, however, not meant to put any mark on the ballot paper that can identitfy you.
"What a parcel of rouges in a nation. A pox on all your houses!" - Robert Burns/William Shakespeare

written 7th Apr 2005

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NotApathetic was built so that people who are planning not to vote in the UK General Election on May 5th can tell the world why. We won't try to persuade you that voting is a good or a bad idea - we're just here to record and share your explanations. Whether ideological, practical or other, any reason will do.

A lot of users would like us to mention that if you spoil your ballot paper, it will be counted. So if you want to record a vote for "none of the above", you can.