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They're not voting because...

There is too much compromise

There is too much compromise.

When I vote, I end up voting for policies not only that I do not support, but that I actively dislike. There is no choice out there that allows me to say what I really want.

We need the general election to include not just local candidates but also key policy decisions.

If people feel they can make a difference, have their say heard, then more people would vote.

Instead people are currently guilted into, or duty-bound, to vote either for that ONE thing they want the most, or against that ONE thing they dislike the most.

I may still, forced by good lapsed roman catholic guilt, vote, but not mainstream. grrrr

written 7th Apr 2005


Caroline Chalk replies: I agree, to some extent....

Voting is just one part of the process.

Regular people can make a difference, I did! It takes a bit work but if you really feel strongly about an issue, find out more about it. If you still feel the same way start a campaign...

I never understood how our system worked until I had to try and use it. It creaks but it does get there in the end!

written 7th Apr 2005

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