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They're not voting because...

Tony Blair is a liar and a war criminal...

Tony Blair is a liar and a war criminal - this can easily be established by less than half an hour's reading of the Geneva and Hague conventions.
Gordon Brown, with PPP/PFI et al, is guilty of the kind of off-book accounting that, were he to have been a director of Enron would see him in jail by now.

A split party full of reactionary racist bigots, led by someone pandering to the lowest common denominator - viz:
The natural party of the mindless Sun/Sport reader and the Mail reader whose only concept of politics is whether a policy will affect their house price or mortgage.

Zero chance of being elected due to the high numbers of the above Sun/Sport/Mail tendency.
If they did get elected they'd spend the next three years trying to figure out how an actual government works.

I hope for three things:

1) A hung parliament where the Liberals can at least rein in the radical society-changing policies of the other two. Not to mention stop them trying to change other people's societies by bombing them back to the stone-age.
We don't need radical - we need boringly solid management of UK plc.

2) Such a historically low turnout that not even the sanctimonious twat Blair or the raving bigot Howard *dare* to claim they have a mandate from the people this time.

3) Blair becomes an ex-PM and at some point in the future goes on holiday to a country that has the balls to arrest him for his war crimes.

I'll eschew the usual "A pox on ..." curse in favour of my favourite (possibly apocriphal) Arabic curse:
"May the fleas from a thousand camels make their homes in their underwear."

written 7th Apr 2005

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