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Voting and democracy has been totally subverted now. Its just a shell-game to limit the options available. What party is advocating the abolition of fiat currency? (nationalise the private company of the Bank of England)
What party agrees that family is the central pillar of our culture? and therefore the leader of a family MUST be soveriegn over it. (fathers rights, easy divorces, presumption that fathers are abusers, no-evidence evictions based on the female's accusations etc..)
What party belives that housing should be a right not a mechanicm to enslave us within lifetime debts? (they wont let you build, you cant afford to buy and they dont provide it at less than 1/2 of your salary)
What party is clear that human needs must surely come before corporate mega-profits?
What party is clear that waging war should be a LAST RESORT and only when in actual danger?
What party is interested in finding out about the TRUTH of what happened on 11th of september 2001? (no culprit has been identified with actual evidence)
What party is interested in exposing the economic takeovers on whole countries via the corrupted IMF/world bank system?
What party is interested in fragmenting media ownership so that we can have an informed populace instead of the huge herds of bovine consumers who swing these votes based on "reports" from think-tanks and media companies in the hands of very few individuals and companies?
What party is committed to taking less and less of our money as time goes by instead of more and more..
What party is interested in ANY DISCUSSION AT ALL about our shared future?
What party is interested in teaching children at an accellerated rate?
what party is interested in an exam system that identifies talent instead of hiding failiure and mediocrity?
what party is interested in investing in childrens knowledge and generating wisdom and integrity instead of disjointed and meaningless tasks designed to "train" people for "de-skilled" procedural jobs (at declining pay rates)
What party is interested in LOVE, TRUTH, BEAUTY, HONOUR, INTEGRITY, JUSTICE?

you tell me, and Ill vote!!

written 7th Apr 2005

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