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I had to go to choir practice. I figured...

I had to go to choir practice. I figured my choir of 24 people needed my contibution more than the Lib Dems needed me (I live in a consituency in the heart of Tory Sussex where Francis Maude has a 27zillionthousand majority). Feel bad about not voting - but our musical director would have been very unhappy with me.

written 17th May 2005


Prem replies: Choir practice? All day? :o)

written 17th May 2005

scared replies: I wish! I was in London the night before, I work in London and my choir rehearses in the evening in London. Could not get back to my remote village to vote as would have had to leave choir 10 mins into rehearsal to make it for 10pm. And did I mention the reason I was in London the night before? Well, I planned to stay the night in London as I was worried about Madrid-style train bombings on the morning of the election, so I got a hotel near where we work. So I guess I should blame Bliar for my failure to vote after all :-)

written 18th May 2005

Tiger43 replies: To poster........That is a very weak excuse for not voting, especially as you wanted to. Your`e one of the couldn`t be bothered brigade. It would make sense if you had no intention of voting in the first place. Choir practice, my god, what a waste.

written 18th May 2005

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