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We often hear that people died for our right to vote, an argument that I would agree with totally. However, i believe that the people who died would be disgusted with the version of democarcy we that has evolved, with very little difference between the major parties, the loss of vision and ideals, with a transfer of real power to corporations and the media. I feel that they too would not vote - as a signal of defiance. Anty thoughts?

written 13th May 2005


dcd replies: I agree, and I would add that it is a shame that there seems to be nobody willing to continue their work for a better representational system, nobody willing to die for that cause any more.

Without people like that, it would seem like we're stuck with what we've got.

But yes, there IS another way... silence, non-participation -- not voting.

If we do not play their little game, they have no mandate, the system would become invalid as representing the people, and we would officially fail to be a democracy unless we did some serious changing.

Not voting seems to be THE ONLY VIABLE solution.

written 14th May 2005

Max replies: The tragedy is that the "right" to vote was not accompanied by a desire to build a better world, just the opportunity to vote for a continuation of the old exploitative capitalist system. Don't blame the politicians for the voters, the former are just a reflection of the latter, just giving the majority what they want.

written 14th May 2005

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