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The MPs have long since lost their responsibility...

Because the UK isn't a democracy.
The MPs have long since lost their responsibility to represent the views of their constituents. Policy decisions are made with no real recourse to what the people actually want (which is what I thought a democracy was - MPs are directly elected representatives *of the people*) - the Iraq debacle would have happened whether it was Labour or Conservative in government.
There is little to distinguish one party from another: Labour and Conservative are just two sides of the same coin; and even though LibDems have some interesting viewpoints, the chances of them actually winning are too slim to consider them a viable alternative (even less so, now that they have stated that they would not form a coalition government with Labour or Conservative).
I'm not apathetic, but until we find a system that works, where MPs are truly accountable to their constituents, where policies are made with the general populace in mind, then, and only then, will I consider voting.

written 8th Apr 2005

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