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They're not voting because...

Sham Democracy -- As has been mentioned...

Sham Democracy --
As has been mentioned in previous posts Labour only actually polled 21% of votes from those eligible to vote.

Why haven't we organised mass protests etc demanding proportional representation?

written 10th May 2005


dcd replies: Er.. probably because (as any historian will testify) for a radical change, revolution or groundswell grassroots movement you need enough people pissed off at the same time and even at that, you'll then still need some trigger to set it all off.

For all the inadequacies of our systems, we are all (largely speaking) doing well enough just now, so a revolution is a long way off I'm afraid.

Most people, it seems, think we are stuck with what we have, and cannot see past that to any alternative way of running the country.

The few who can think of change, tend (sadly) to think in terms of what has gone before and elsewhere -- communism, monarchy, dictatorships blah, blah blah.

Perhaps the human race has stopped being creative or something, but so much seems set in stone, and that's a shame! I really don't see why we HAVE to replace our system with some other known system; I am positive we could devise something new, something that was small, cheap, efficient, effective, fair and probably more representative (or even more democratic) than any old ideology you might care to trot out.

...nevertheless, change is extremely unlikely because everyone's middle class, and political parties are drawing into a centre together. We have had the longest peacetime and prosperity in our history, everyone's relatively comfortable and happy enough to be apathetic. Governments can now enjoy ever longer terms for there just isn't the emotion/ passion or polarity.

If it wasn't for the decision to attack Iraq and spread some fear of international terrorism, we'd have an even lower turn out at the ballot boxes.

written 11th May 2005

johninnit replies: Hold that thought!
There is an ongoing campaign to get the change we need for a more representative, inclusive, and stable democracy - check out

written 11th May 2005

Rich B replies: Write your response..

dcd - "We have had the longest peacetime and prosperity in our history"

Apart from invading and attempting to overrun Kosova and the balkans, Afghanistan, Egypt (Suez), Argentina (Falklands). And then contributed to world peace by selling arms to East Timor, Saudi, Israel, Kenya etc etc. As bush will no doubt say, Bring on an invasion of Iran for the continuation of the "post war" peace...

written 11th May 2005

Tiger43 replies: I`m too lazy to get up and protest. I like eating pizza with extra chocolate topping and watching tv 24/7

written 12th May 2005

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