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They're not voting because...

Now that we've established that this...

Now that we've established that this system doesn't work for a number of reasons- voter apathy, media influence, incompetent/corrupt politicians etc, can anyone come up with a system that would work?

written 8th May 2005


Max replies: Can you?

written 8th May 2005

Ben replies: List of alternative voting systems:

written 8th May 2005

Max replies: Do you mean the political system or the voting system?
If you change the latter it won't change the former. The evidence is that the majority of those who voted did so for a continuance of their exploitation, and those who didn't vote seemed not to care.

written 9th May 2005

dcd replies: I am positive that there are many other systems we could use that are/ would be better.

We could simply shop around, for there are as many systems as there are "democratic" countries... and take one "off the shelf".

I personally can provide six radically new systems myself -- fo course they are untried, but I like to think that each has its merits.

If I can do this, I am sure other could to -- all it needs is some imagination.

The system we have has been knocking around for centuries, and is well past it's "best before" date!

The world has moved on, and I seriously do think we will need to address this quite soon.

It is an expensive, uncontrolled, unmediated, unqualified mess. There are no quality measures, no performance indicators, no responsibility, accountability, feedback loops, etc... how do we know we are getting value for money?

written 9th May 2005

John replies: democracy sucks... how about Plato's philosopher king! much cooler!!!!

written 10th May 2005

steve replies: the first post states that this system doesnt work, but can nobody see that the system does works ensures that power ALWAYS returns to the "correct" hands. the establishment will never change this system, why would they?

written 10th May 2005

BERT replies: A different system?
ok how about this:

Only literate, numerate, married men with children should be able to vote. (disussing it if they wish with their wives)

Why is this good? because these men have a better perspective than single and childless men/women. There is no need to give married women the vote, since that would just double the vote but leave the proportions unchanged (presumably married couples agree, and anyway many modern problems are caused by the dissapearance of male authority, something which is used by the establishment to keep us infighting, men vs women)

This would ensure that the central pillar of civilisation, the family, is completely protected by the nurturing spirit of empowered family men.

the modern trends we apparently value are in fact used to undermine us all. The most frightening thing about the decline of democracy is this: it is deliberate and encouraged, my belief is that once we are all fully converted to a morass of angry in-fighting isolated emotionally stunted confused individuals and democracy (which can only work with an informed and level headed electorate) is completely unworkable, THEN, and only then will it be abolished (to the cheers of the bovine masses) and relaced with an irreversible (technology enables this) and unassailable rule-by-the-elite. we wont even realise the trick has been played until its too late, many wont even realise then..... everyone here is a useful idiot in that regard.

written 11th May 2005

Tiger43 replies: To poster......In a word, no.

Perhaps you can enlighten us on your ideas for a new and improved system.

written 11th May 2005

Jo McDonagh replies: My goodness, the more I read of this site the crosser I get!

"Only literate, numerate, married men with children should be able to vote. (disussing it if they wish with their wives)"

Married women can't vote - how dare you insult me and other women in such a way. You make me sick.

Bert & dcd you sound like you're made for each other. Furious at what I've read.

written 13th May 2005

Rich B replies: Write your response...
As broad generalistions are generally rediculous, I think as a bloke we should perhaps adapt berts response and only let women vote. as a rule, women are less aggressive than men, stunting wars and expansion, (defence imperilaism) know how to properly bring up and support children, ill and the old (welfare, immigration), often control very tight budgets (the treausry) etc etc.

obviously a generalisaiont that will throw up abnomilies like Thatcher, but a far more sensible suggestion than just married men. Ask your wife which option is preferable!

written 13th May 2005

dcd replies: To Bert: OK, there you go! You see, there is someone THINKING up a different, a new way -- it may not suit everyone (myself included), but so what? Maybe Bert is right, but right or not, he/she has proved that it can be done, that anyone can think up a system for themselves.

Maybe if we all posted our pet theories, some general theory may be teased out, a range of ideas that would be generally acceptable -- we could brainstorm and come up with a whole new way, instead of only having a restricted range of 19th century ideologies to pick from.

To Jo McDonagh: what on earth is the point of posting a statement of anger? This simply shows that you disagree, without offering any actual point of view! It's therefore a mere TANTRUM. Where's the worth in reading that sort of thing?

Please join in and give us the benefits of your wisdom -- not just criticism (and personal at that).

For example, did you vote? If not, then why not? For this specific post -- what DO you think would work instead?

In stating that you are a woman, and that you feel insulted by a perfectly valid view on women (but nothing else), you leave yourself open to accusations of just being emotional (just like a woman)! And I bet you don;t like THAT one bit! ;)

written 14th May 2005

Jo McDonagh replies: dcd:

Have a look at the site and have a look at my entry; I wouldn't have the cheek to "get emotional" about people who didn't vote if I didn't vote myself - I believe that would be hyprocritical.

I have lots of work to do today so I'm not going to contribute to this any further. I'm not going to start insulting people due to their sex like dcd & Bert, when you start being rude to poeple due to their sex, you get into shaky waters.

written 16th May 2005

Tiger43 replies: To Jo........Perhaps you would like dinner sometime. I know of a very nice Italian restaurant. Candles, wine, soft music and my wonderful company. How does that sound, good eh!

written 17th May 2005

Mond replies: Thank you for the info!

written 16th Sep 2005

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