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As a British expat who has worked outside...

As a British expat who has worked outside of the UK for more than 15 years, I have lost my right to vote.

written 8th May 2005


Max replies: Is that just a statement of fact, or regret? Are you able to vote in your adopted country?

written 8th May 2005

Rich B replies: Write your response...
Q. Do you feel you should you still have the right to vote in the UK through unconditional birth rights?

A friend of mine, living in th UK, paying income tax, NI, and council tax to UK authorities, has decided to stay here and so bought a house and paid stamp duty, fully participates towards Britains future (she is a comprehensive school teacher) but doesn't get to vote as she was born in France.

written 10th May 2005

Al replies: Good point well made by the people who've replied. Why should you get a vote when you don't live here? What happens in this country has little or no effect on you and you aren't contributing to the country.

written 10th May 2005

Tiger43 replies: To poster.......Correct. Say no more!

written 10th May 2005

original poster replies: I own property in the UK, paid income tax, NI, and council tax to UK authorities for 12 years before I left to work abroad, take all my holidays in the UK, save my money in a UK bank, and will eventually retire in the UK.
Why should I not be allowed to vote?

And Al, if the right to vote depends upon a person "contributing to the country" then it would appear you would also deny the right to vote to anyone claiming benefits, all pensioners, prisoners etc.

Is that the way it should be? I may not contribute in the way you would prefer me to, but at least I am not costing the country anything either.

written 10th May 2005

Al replies:
I don't consider owning property in the UK as being a contribution, your contributing to a lack of affordable housing but that's nothing to boast about. You were eligible to vote whilst you where paying your taxes, the point being your not paying them now. Oneof my friends takes all of his family holidays in Spain, should he be eligible to vote there? When you retire in the UK, you will no doubt be eligible to vote again. Pensioners have given their contribution. Prisoners are not eligible to vote. People claiming benefits are a different matter, it would depend on their circumstances but I'm not suggesting means tested voting, we can give the benefit of the doubt on their contribution.

I think I've comprehensively covered your ill-though-out and irrational points. Final point, YOU DON'T LIVE HERE, why on earth would you be eligible to vote in a country that you don't live in, it's ridiculous!

written 11th May 2005

original poster replies: I was born and raised in the UK. My future, and the future of my entire family, is tied to the future of the UK. All my earnings are invested in the UK, aside from my current modest living expenses. I earn money abroad and send it into the UK, I am a net contributor rather than be a burden on the state.
I think it is absurd that I am no longer permitted to vote in the UK just because I got off my ass and decided to earn a living rather than scrounge one.

In answer to another query - I am not eligible to vote in the country in which I now work.

written 11th May 2005

Al replies: There is no argument here, you don't live in the uk and so you don't vote in the uk, fairs fair end of story.

written 11th May 2005

Tiger43 replies: To poster.......I certainly hope your`e not generalising with regards to your "getting off my ass and earning a living, rather than scrounge".

Are you suggesting that you are the only person that makes an honest living? If so, I`m pleased you can`t vote, this country can do without your type of spouting and boasting of his own wealth. Now shove off and vote in some other countrys election, if the`ll have you.

written 11th May 2005

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