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I don't wish to give any of the parties on my ballot paper a mandate. I agree with so little of their policies and I do not wish to add my compliance to their bulldozing of modern politics. The democratic deficit is getting steadily larger and more and more are disenfranchised, including in my opinion anyone who is to the left of centre. For the first time in my life I am not interested in the results because I know it will have no bearing whatsoever on the politics of the government. I'm a socialist, who the hell should I vote for?

written 5th May 2005


Max replies: If you are a socialist you will know that bringing it about involves much more than putting your cross against a socialist candidate's name. If there is no socialist candidate in your area you should contact the party that you consider represents your socialist ideals and work with them to grow and be able to put up more candidates in future elections.
For sure, socialism won't be brought about by "armchair" socialists, even if they get out of the chair to vote!

written 5th May 2005

redbaron replies: Max, I think you are skirting on the grounds on being extremely patronising here in your response to my post. I do work with Respect who I see as the party which currently best represents what I stand for altho' I don't agree with everything they do. However they do not have the money to stand in every seat. Therefore I still do not have anyone to vote for here that represents my ideals.

You answer is rather stock and is rather typical of that belief by the establishment that it must be our fault if we are disenfranchised. I'm afraid you need to wake up and stop giving the same answers year after year.

written 5th May 2005

dcd replies: Total support for redbaron!

Original post was a thing of beauty; it was succinct and just perfect for this forum.

I understand why redbaron reacted to Max in strong terms; it is wearing and tedious to meet the same old stock response all the time (no offense to Max, who may be quite young and naive enough to still believe stuff like that).

To add to this, why is it that if you have no candidate that you can vote for, then you should stop your life immediately and set about righting this wrong?

It is not your fault, as redbaron says, and it is not your responsibility either.

Further, why is it that we have so many democratic voting possibilities, yet this can happen?

It's like saying "I want a pizza but there are no pizza restaurants round here", and everyone replies: "Well start your own pizza restaurant then!"


written 7th May 2005

Andy P replies: It is not your fault, as redbaron says, and it is not your responsibility either.

I'm almost speechless. What you seem to be saying is, it's someone else's job to ensure that there is a candidate standing for election representing your personal views.

Whose responsibility?

You're on the wrong forum, mate - you've got us mixed up with

written 9th May 2005

redbaron replies: I think you might have misunderstood the point mate, it is not about having a personal candidate represent all of your views, that isn't going to happen. However when in a position where a whole swath of political views are not represented at all as currently the case with none of the mainstream parties being at all left-wing then it certainly is not one person's responsibility to sort that out.

True we must all work together to do what we can to both highlight and rectify it but it is the failure of the modern political parties to address that, principally the Labour party's shift to the right that has caused this problem. This puts us in a difficult situation as it costs a large sum of money to compete on any level in the election system as Respect have found out. It is not an individual's responsibility to sort this otherwise you are left with the current situation where the rich can ensure they are represented (Referendum Party/UKIP/Veritas) whilst the currently disenfranchised cannot.

written 9th May 2005

Al replies:
Sorry I've no idea how to make everyones exact political views represented in a country of over 50 million people but in the event that you don't have a pizza restaurant near by...

400g Bread Flour
2 Tea Spoons of Yeast
1 Table Spoon or Olive Oil
1 Table Spoon of Sugar
1 Tea Spoon of Salt
200ml of Water

1 Tin of Tomatos
A few pinches of Basil
and your choice of other toppings (cheese, peperonni, ham?)

Come it's just bread with stuff spread out on top, work it out.

written 9th May 2005

Tiger43 replies: I am middle left, right of centre, slightly sideways with a little bit of up and a smidgen of down. Who should I vote for?

written 11th May 2005

Al replies: LibDem Labour Conserv UKIP BNP
< LT>
* *

I have plotted your position on my political party graph. No I'm sorry, none of the major partys fit your stance. Your a little too left for labour, not quite left enough for Lib Dem, the other side of your personality is a little too far right for Labour but not quite far enough right for Conservative. The fact that you're sideways is neither here nor there as far as your political position goes of course. Your 'a little bit of up' cancels out your 'smidgen of down' and so you're at least at the same altitude as the options.

I'd urge you to be careful though, if one of your personalities edges a little further right you'll be supporting either Labour or the conservatives at the next general election, however, if both of your personalities edge right you'll be stuck wondering whether to vote conservative or labour. Disaster!

written 11th May 2005

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