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at the moment Labour are just like the Tories of old, Tories... well, they're Tories and Liberal Democrats are just sniping at the sidelines without a hope in hell of winning.

So, you can vote for Labour and get the same old crap. Vote for Tories and get the same old crap. Vote for Liberal Democrats and you get bugger all in return.

written 5th May 2005


roo replies: I wouldn't call all of this bugger all:

LD: Put patients not targets first; free personal care for elderly; scrap student tuition fees; smaller class sizes; 10,000 more police; higher pensions for over 75s; local income tax; 50% top tax rate.

Devolved in Scotland, Wales, NI
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LD: Reduce diagnostic waiting lists for tests; free long-term care for elderly; free dental and eye tests; more free prescriptions for long-term illnesses; ban smoking in enclosed public places.

This is not devolved
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LD: Back common EU asylum policy with fair sharing of asylum settlement; allow asylum seekers to work so don't rely on benefits; quota for immigrant workers from outside EU based on skills.

Devolved in Scotland, Wales, NI
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LD: Cut class sizes in primary schools, abolish "unnecessary tests"; ensure all children are taught by a qualified teacher in each subject; scrap all university tuition fees.

Devolved in Scotland
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LD: 10,000 extra police; decriminalise personal cannabis use; more education and training in prison; no ID cards; fewer ASBOs; community work for non- violent criminals.

written 5th May 2005

Matt Baines replies: Or spoil your vote and vote for none of them. Or try and get NOTA (none of the above) added to the polls. Dont not vote, vote for nothing, help change to a system that isnt fair.

written 5th May 2005

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