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They're not voting because...

I'm not voting because there is no box...

I'm not voting because there is no box on the form that says:
"None of the above lying, two-faced, self-serving, power-mongering, thieves who do not answer to anyone but their own cronies, vote themselves and their PAs (partner/wife/etc) a huge payrise every year, forge expenses claims and constantly give two fingers to the people who put them in power.""

written 5th May 2005


Boojam replies: I think that most MPs are a damn sight more public-spirited than most people.

If they are as you describe them, though, perhaps which should ask whether the political system favours such persons becoming MPs rather than others. Why is it that nice/honest people don't put themselves forward?

written 5th May 2005

Tog replies: Because the political system lends itself to abuse. Even the most public spirited will become corrupted or, if not, then ineffectual for not toeing the line. People who make behind the door deals, accept bribes (money or advancement) and take the party line are the ones who will advance while those who are willing to represent the electorate will get nowhere unless they are VERY exceptional and charismatic. It's also hard to refuse to feed at the trough and feather your own nest when it's the normal thing to do.
Point blank refusal to allow an external organisation to hold them culpable for their behaviour says it all.

written 5th May 2005

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