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Spoiling my vote

...I live in a constituency with a massive Tory majority that will never change, because T B Liar is not to be trusted and does not listen to his own cabinet (let alone the people - how many have to march for him to pay attention?) and because there is no viable alternative to him anyway. It's coming to something when the best bet for our future is Gordon Brown. If we had PR I would probably vote Green, but what is the point with this system? I will go to the polling stationand spoil my vote, because I am not apathetic, just discontented.

written 5th May 2005


Holly Russell replies: I will vote for 'None of the Above' as there is too little difference between the parties, none have convinced me that they are in politics for anything other than themselves, too many political promises have been made and broken and and most of our laws are made by the EU anyway. If we had PR, I believe the situation would change entirely - politicians would be more accountable and the populace more enthusiastic about voting.

written 5th May 2005

Peter Makin replies: You want PR?

Then vote Lib Dem.

It won't just happen y'know.

written 5th May 2005

Anonymous replies: I didn't vote because I hope that if the turnout gets low enough there might at last be a push for a fair electoral system. It certainly seems that politicians are more concerned about why people don't vote than why some parties get four times as many seats for their share of the vote as others. (I did vote in the local election.)

written 6th May 2005

Orig Poster replies: The Tories have over 50% of the vote in my constituency - this time and last. Lib dem just over 25%.

I don't want to vote Lib Dem as I do not agree with their policies either. That would be tactical voting. If enough of us spoil our votes maybe they will really start to think about why - ie the system does not allow our voices to be heard other than by tactically voting someone out by replacing them with someone else we don't want.

written 6th May 2005

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