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They're not voting because...

I'm not voting because I'm whack...

I'm not voting because I'm whacked out on apathy. It's the latest craze for the misguided, the near-sighted and perpetually unmotivated.

I started doing it because my friends were. At first it was a way of saying 'boo' to the Man but I didn't think about the consequences.

It's getting to the stage where I can't stand up for anything anymore. I've already started hallucinating about what I can achieve.

Worst thing is I've started pushing it on others. I yap without thinking; it's so easy just to drop-out without even coming up with a considered solution.

If I could just break the loop.

Help me. I need advice.

written 5th May 2005


no vote replies: It sounds like you are ready for a life in Brussels as a MEP on the Political Gravy Train

written 5th May 2005

Garry Ladd replies: Actually most of us are not whacked out on apathy - mostly we antipathetic to the current system because it does not allow us real choice.

The popularity of such sites as this show that poeople are ENGAGED in looking for an alternative. That is not apathethic.

And you add nothing to the debate with simple irony.

written 5th May 2005

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