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Even if I could believe each of the ...

Even if I could believe each of the parties policies, and that they would do what was best for the country, I wouldn't be able to choose a single party, as I support some policies by Labour, some by Conservatives and some by Lib Dems. Conversly, I also disagree with policies from each. For example, I would have to vote for a better NHS at the expense of education, or vice versa. So I'm not voting until Britain ditches this form of psuedo-democracy in favour of a proper democracy where people vote on each major issue individually irrespective of party support.

written 7th Apr 2005


Jack replies: where people vote on each major issue individually

A couple of people have suggested similar ideas and it sounds good to me but is this really possible ? Is there any example of this concept being implemented successfully ?

written 7th Apr 2005

Robert replies: What I would have is a system whereby a group of suitable people would come up with a selection of options for each major issue, and we vote.
For example: NHS, you get a bunch of people who work in the field, and some independant people, including economists, and they come up with a selection of long term solutions and costs.
We then vote on which we prefer, and no party can override it. This way we don't get the 4 year cycle of hacking up previous policies when a new party comes in.
This system would only apply to certain major issues like:
NHS, Education, Transport, Police, Immigration. We would still need political parties for some of the things that we couldn't vote for otherwise it would get silly, and we'd be voting all the time.
Anyway, it's a bit tricky to elaborate without giving more time and thought, but hopefully you get the idea vaguely.
I haven't seen anything like this system anywhere, but even though I thought of it a few years ago, I haven't done any research - I prefer spending my free time doing more entertaining things!

written 7th Apr 2005

Jack replies: Maybe governing parties could be formed by the coming together of several single policy parties, all elected under a PR system, the now combined parites would seek to action their sole policy. Voters could vote for policies they agree with.

written 7th Apr 2005

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