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They're not voting because...

Democracy -- what's THAT?

Let's face it, no one knows what democracy is, it's just something we somehow feel is better than a monarchy or dictatorship, and as long as it is not Communist or Imperial democracy, we're happy... but it can be in just about any form so long as there are elections -- and the more of them the better!

Talk about over-egging!... we are called upon to vote for a local councillor, an MEP an MSP as well as an MP!

Democracy here is more about government andpolitics as a profession than about people in the rela world.

There are only three or four main parties -- and the issues are unhelpful, only the Liberal Democrats (the clue being in their name) actually set policies by democratic vote at conference.

What if you agree with New Labour's education policy, for example, but are anti-war or favour The Conservative and Unionist stance on health?

There is plenty of room for conflict; the one who 'gets in' will do some things you want, and others you don't want... where's the democracy when there are whips and party policy? What is your particular representative doing for your particular area's wants and needs? Is all THIS democracy? And should we impose it on other peoples and places?

We went to war for regime change -- we want people everywhere to have a democracy... it costs dearly, even though we ourselves may NOT actually have it ourselves!

We have a monarch as head of state AND church, and Bishops sit in the Lords! Northern Ireland has proportional Representation, Scotland has a "parliament", don't even mention Gibraltar or Wales!

How can the US American form of democracy be like ours? They have a two-party system, a President and so forth... where's the resemblance?

Would we get closer to democracy without political parties -- can't we just have a local agent with local interests?

Let's think for a minute... we have a councillor, MP, MSP and MEP representing us somehow... they all demand wages and offices which we pay for. There are no performance indicators, no penalties if they fail to meet their published goals (which we voted them in to carry out). We can't take them to court, claim a refund or compensation or go to arbitration. In short, they lie to get a vote, and do whatever they want without censure!

What if the country is doing well? What if there are no pressing issues? The thing is that because they exist, they HAVE to do SOMETHING everyday to justify themselves, so there will be nothing but constant tinkering -- new laws, traffic calming, speed cameras, war... always some new issue is invented for us to mull over at election time... buy hey -- we once did well, why fix something when it wasn't broken?

And finally, what of those, who are not democrats? Where's their voice? How can it be possible that people can decide NOT to have a democracy? Can we vote to be rid of voting? Which party offers THAT?

written 5th May 2005


Yup replies: - Once [we] did well, why fix something when it wasn't broken?

In other words...

Where do you draw the line, is voting saying...



You vote, you endorse.

written 5th May 2005

Tiger43 replies: Democracy, what is it good for, Absolutely nothing. Say it again...But seriously folks, vote or you lose your right to whinge after.

written 5th May 2005

james replies: Who is going to deny me the right to whinge, Tiger43? Are you going to stop me? Or do we need a few thousand more cops to chase after all the freethinking abstentionists?

written 7th May 2005

tiger43 replies: To James.....No, not saying the police will come after you if you don`t vote, then whinge. Simply that if you choose not to vot, your whinging will have less credence

written 9th May 2005

james replies: Tiger43, again i must apologise. I was a bit off the cuff *again*. Really must stop it -- doesn't help anything. I shall continue to whinge with less credence, though.

written 12th May 2005

Tiger43 replies: To James.......Thats perfectly allright, the current baffoons as politicians we have would be enough to make anyone lose it a bit. I have done myself.

It only goes to show the strong feeling in this country at the moment.

written 13th May 2005

dcd replies: Having a voice -- whether by voting or not -- is a legitimate form of democracy.

It is NOT whingeing!

Discussions about voting and the reasons for not voting, such as at this site are perfectly vaid ways to communicate and disseminate ideas that have a definite effect on voting in the future (and non-voting in the future too).

It all has nothing to do with "the right to whinge", it's not even about "whingeing" or complaining at all, it's about democracy, real democracy.

Using the term "whingeing" and talking about "the right to whinge" being lost by those who nonapathetically choose not to, is merely an insult and a subliminal way to silence, to reduce democracy, to stifle the influence and spread of ideas.

Your little trick has been rumbled. So give it a rest!

written 14th May 2005

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