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NOT voting is not going to solve anything...

NOT voting is not going to solve anything. It will mean lack of turnout by a majority will probably give labour another term. So everyone complaining now will be complaining later also. The ONLY way to show your disgust at poloticians is by the ONLY method you have - and that is to VOTE... for the underdog. It shows how much you (dis)respect the vote and the poloticians will finally get the message.

written 4th May 2005


Max replies: The underdogs are the working class, but it is a situation of their own choosing. Why not choose to end your exploitation instead of bemoaning the actions of professional politicians, who are only interested in administrating that exploitation for the foreseeable future?

written 4th May 2005

dcd replies: "Not voting is not going to solve anything", but hey, "Voting is not going to solve anything" either!

Let's be honest; we are powerless really! Politics splits quit enaturally into two broadly distinct regions -- specific and general, or local and national, but this is not presently reflected in our so-called democracy because of party politics.

You could have a Liberal Democrat local councillor in a New Labour council, an SNP MSP in a Liberal Democrat-New Labour coalition parliament at Holyrood, a Conservative & Unionist MP representing your area in a New Labour Government at Westminster and an Independent MEP working in Brussels!

Some of these you might have voted for, for others, you would be on the losing side.

Do they work together? Do they work for you? Do they ask you what you want? Do you go to surgeries or vist their websites/blogs? Do you e-mail them?

Are they accountable? Can what they do be measured as successful or not? How can these systems represent anything other than the party and the politicians!

written 5th May 2005

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