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ship of fools, and all that

strictly speaking, i'm not voting because i'm in canada, and forgot to sent off the proxy vote form. however, i was only planning to do so in order to experiment in 'ballot spoiling by proxy' - my seat is a safe tory one, with labour in second place, and there really isn't any truly Left vote to be made, even if it could make a difference to the result. What is urgently needed is constitutional reform, and it is likely i will not vote in general elections until a system such as proportional representation is in place.

written 4th May 2005


Jax replies: So......
How do you expect proportional representation to take place when you resign yourself to the parties already in charge?
Those who it benefits the most (the incumbent) are not very likely to change it are they?

Get more third party seats and we might see more action on proportional representation.
If you don't vote you can't change it, do you understand how a democracy works?

written 5th May 2005

Anonymous replies: yes, by systematically shutting out all voices threatening to the status quo.

if i expect it to change, i think that it will not be done so through the ballot box. after all, if the third parties win, then they'll just act like the first parties. perhaps when the national voter turnout drops below 25%, people at the top might feel desperate enough to institute PR, or at least a stopgap, like a proportional upper house or something. not that likely at all, but still more likely than a comprehensively 'elected' government sabotaging the means of its election.

written 5th May 2005

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