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They're not voting because...

I can't register locally because I moved...

I can't register locally because I moved to Bristol after 11th March and that's the cut off date for registration.

This cut off date wasn't advertised anywere and I'm furious that I don't have an opportunity to get rid of the liars taht are curently in power.

So much for empowering the people, move house after a certain date and you can't vote. that's a shambles.

written 4th May 2005


Busabus replies: Cut off dates are published, I got a letter from the council showing them when I moved in February.

The solution... Just vote in your old area! You're entitled to it. They will have sent you a polling card to your old address, so you should have set up some kind of post forwarding, given that you "knew" there was an election on the very near horizon. And you can't use the "it's too far" excuse because you could have also asked for a postal ballot.

Just don't vote in two areas, or you'll get thrown in jail.

written 4th May 2005

tiger43 replies: The best thing you can do is to move back immediately so you can cast your vote, and possibly in doing so, change history forever. I would. Your vote is more important than your property. Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country. I thought of that saying.

written 4th May 2005

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