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My Billingborough born and inbred gills...

My Billingborough born and inbred gills are leaking political disaffection. There is no way to reconcile personal interest with the bitter moral suicide of voting in the hollow men. I would say there is also no way of expressing my disdain for Mr Blair-Cancer, but I would be wrong. It would go something like this: "PUT THAT BOMB IN MY NECK. PUT THAT BOMB IN MY NECK. PUT THAT BOMB IN MY NECK." That might lack punch, but at least it's a valid political reaction. I would, in a parallel universe where my head is suffering from brain piles, even vote Tory. But in this, the most fallen of fallen worlds, the reality is still the same: the Conservatives are spectres with the sick ambition of cloning themselves and turning this country into a ghost town. What is that grey tongue licking my ear, dripping Miltonic bile into my ear waves? Oh, it's that cunt Howard and his robotic mouth and Total Recall limbs. And then there is the blink-and-you'll-miss-us-change-policy-and-miss-me-down-three-vodkas Kennedy-led Lib Dems. I know he is a fan of the great David Bowie, but there is a time and a JOB for changing image, sound, conviction, livers, etc.
The choice is this: 'which of these governments do you want to be alienated by?'
I'd rather inject my mother into my eye and cry her out onto my lap as I masturbate over father than waste time voting.


written 4th May 2005

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