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I feel that it will not make a difference...

I feel that it will not make a difference which party comes to power, because essentially they are the same, except the few joke parties who don't have a clue anyway. No party would be strong enough to lead by example instead of jumping on every misinformed, sensationalist media bandwagon that comes rolling into town. Lets face it, whoever we vote for is going to pander to every small minded, fame seeking journalist who might think he knows a thing or two. Add to that each party is too busy telling us why the others don't deserve our vote instead of why they would. This is not so much a general election as a general joke.

written 4th May 2005


cinsky replies: Stand back, there's a media bandwagon coming through. And lo, it's full of chained up immigrants (by that i don't mean americans or australians, no, it's the brown or poor ones. You kno...the one we DON'T like).

Why who's that driving the bandwagon Johnson?

Well blow me, if it isn't Tory boy, Mr Middle England and his little barrow boy Mr Mile End.

written 4th May 2005

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