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Popularity contest !!

If there was a politician, from whichever party!!!, that cared more about the voting populace than about the POWER of winning some sort of popularity contest between themselves, then I'd vote for them.

1. Politicians should earn maybe double the national average wage, That would get them trying to raise the national average, rather than line their own pockets!

2. Politicians should not be allowed multiple jobs, i.e. board of directors at company X. They should concentrate on being politicians!!!, rather than earning huge amounts of money!

As it stands, I will not be voting!!

written 7th Apr 2005


Matt replies: "Politicians should earn maybe double the national average wage"

I think politicians earn about 47k, unless they have a ministerial position, then it goes up. The PM is round the mid-70's mark, similar to a head teacher in a small to medium sized secondary school.

I agree about the extra jobs thing though.

Examples of politicians who care more about the populace than about popularity-
Robin Cooke- resigned because he didn't think the evidence for the Iraq war was strong enough.
Claire Short- misguided fool, but I'm sure her heart is in the right place.
Estelle Morris resigned as Education sec. because "the job deserves someone better than me" I agree, it does.
I'm sure there are also countless constituency MP's who are perfectly happy serving their local people without trying to charge up the ranks within government who we never hear about too.

written 12th Apr 2005

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