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The Returning Officer and printers failed...

The Returning Officer and printers failed to Print Ballot papers until 10 days before the Election,even for overseas voters like myself.Therefore,I have not received my ballot paper yet and would never be able to get it back for 5th May,even by courier service.
My vote has therfore been invalidated by the British State.

written 3rd May 2005


eleanor replies: I had exactly the same problem last year in the European elections, and this time I have an explanation of sorts... It depends if you are registered as an overseas voter or just for a postal vote. Apparently "governement regulations" do not allow postal votes to be sent out more than ten days before an election, so there will never be much chance of getting it on time. This was not of course explained to me until I complained loudly, but to get sent the ballot on time you need to register officially as an overseas voter and then you also have the proxy option.
I was lucky this time to be in the UK for a few days so I could collect my ballot there... but then I sat, utterly uninspired in front of it, wondering what exactly to do with it.

written 4th May 2005

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