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I am so angry... but there is nothing...

I am so angry... but there is nothing I can do.

A goverment from a party I have believed in for twenty years have cynically exploited democratic principles and systems to persue ends which have nothing to do with the hopes and aspirations of the vast majority of the electorate.

Blair's government is chasing an American notion of a future society based on corporate power, reinforced by military superiority. His willingness to join America in attacking Iraq was one expression of this notion. It has involved demonstrating to the rest of the world how international law can be ignored and human rights abused in the name of a version of 'democracy' which I and others are finding increasingly difficult to recognize.

Not just me, but huge numbers of people in this country have watched, shocked and helpless as our government have assisted the United States in an appalling criminal act, the reverberations from which will be felt for generations.

Blair talks about 'moving on', as if the effects of what has occurred have passed, but I know and he certainly knows, they have not. And it seems at this stage there is virtually nothing we can do about it.

Aside from the legal and moral specifics of what has occured over Iraq, our democratically elected government has humiliated the electorate. This is unforgiveable because it may have radically altered the population's view of the democratic process. I believe we are now seeing the results of this as I and thousands of others now find they have no one to vote for which will sufficiently express our sense of disgust over the new international political landscape Blair has helped George Bush construct.

written 3rd May 2005

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