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I just don't see poeple who have heart...

I just don't see poeple who have heart held beliefs and opions. I see canidates who'd almost do anything and say anything to get power - without being able to explain simply what they want to do with it. Ask any candidate to give you a three point improvement plan, one that is measurable in the short term, on any area of central government. You know the sort of factual, achievable plan business works to. The answer you'll get, if you can even keep them to the subject, is at best obscure. Usually you'll get a compex range of of non-specific genralisations that can't be quantified in any way. How would you accept these proposals if you were a business? Well, you'd start again with a new list of potential suppliers. In the case of today's politics that means sacking this lot of candidates and starting over with a new set of fresh, enthusiastic newcomers. We couldn't do worse than just coopting MP's like jurers - you're sent to serve a 4 years term wether you want to or not. (Wasn't that the way the House of Lords worked though?)

written 3rd May 2005

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