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I intend to abstain my vote for the ...

I intend to abstain my vote for the following reasons:
1) there are not enough proper political alternatives, we have a choice between right and centre left. Lack of proportional representation restricts the alternatives.
2) in an increasing globalising world, is there a credible alternative to neo-liberalism that doesn't resort to unethical totalitariansim. The UK and Europe seem to be on an inexorable slide to the right.
3)Our political conscience is always developed through our environment (media, education etc.). If this is compromised then our views are naturally subject to some degree of brain washing. This is evident with the New Labour media circus. I do not want to be pawn in a game of control between the established elites.

For the above reasons I will be abstaining my vote

written 1st May 2005


Andy replies: Not voting is not the answer. Vote for the party that supports PR .... It may not happen this time, but just keep at it.
No vote, no right to complain about the new leaders who ever they may be!

written 2nd May 2005

Julie replies: I thought this at first but have now realised that the only possible way to achieve PR is by voting lib dem. Disillusionment and detatchment from the political process is exactly what will sustain this neo-liberal hegemony.

written 2nd May 2005

nico replies: PR has its down sides, it is the holy grail of the lib dems because it will mean a much fairer MP quota in parliament. PR systems lead to weak coalition governments and poor constituency links. which one of your 4+ MP's do you write to with issues?

written 2nd May 2005

Mark Scott replies: But really, who votes for an individual MP these days? The mantra about needing a single accountable member for each constituency is a smokescreen. There are better ways to arrange for appeals channels for aggrieved citizens.

Realistically, most voters have no knowledge of the character of "their" candidates and eventual MPs, because people vote for a party, or perhaps for the party leader as the personification of their party, and that is a cheapening, a dumbing down which is hugely convenient for the incumbent parties.

Some form of proportional representation is essential if there is to be any re-invigoration of democracy in this country. Under the current system, a few people in a few marginal constituencies are the only people whose votes count. Everyone's vote should count. PR is the only way that can happen.

written 2nd May 2005

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