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I'm in prison and prisoners aren't allowed...

I'm in prison and prisoners aren't allowed to vote.

written 30th Apr 2005


Max replies: Why do you think you should?
Would you agree to extending the franchise for those in prison for election fraud?
Incidentally, what constituency do you think you should be allowed to vote in: the one where you are incarcerated, your previous abode or where you were convicted? Or even where you committed your offence/s?

written 1st May 2005

sean replies: Exactly. It's your own fault.

written 1st May 2005

Anthony Crawley replies: Depends what he's in prison for, if it's a victimless crime then I don't see any reason why he shouldn't be able to vote.

Removing the vote from prisoners is a nice way for the government to do away with people that don't agree with its legislation and principles.

Locking up every fox hunter before a referendum on it, for instance. That's the way we're going.

Tyranny of the majority...

written 1st May 2005

Max replies: I doubt that the law recognises "victimless" crime.
Those in prison "know the rules" and know what to expect when they break them. They may disagree with the rules, but that doesn't entitle them to break them.
Of course, if he is innocent, that's another matter!

written 1st May 2005

Anthony Crawley replies: In Nazi Germany, the "rules" were that all undesirables such as Jews were to be gassed. The population went along with it, if they didn't they too would be imprisoned.

Perhaps if the Jews had the right to vote, after committing the victimless crime of being a Jew, they could have ousted hitler.

Caging someone for taking drugs, for instance is a far more heinous crime, when looked at objectively, than taking recreational drugs.
I would like to point out that taking such drugs does not appeal to me, but the fact that we as a society are so willing to destroy other people's lives through ignorance and irrationality is disturbing to me.

Also, it is very unlikely that anyone if modern society will not have broken a law, be it a traffic offence, or whatever. In fact if you have ever taken a hammer or a spanner in your car to do some work at someone else's house, and you would have used it if you were attacked by a knife weilding maniac (which anyone sane would do) you have broken the law regarding offensive weapons.

This is why prosecutors must decide under what circumstances to prosecute. So, effectively, the government could remove almost anyone's right to vote.

Just because a government says something should be the case does not make it so. Removing the right for people affected by such laws to protest against them through voting is very wrong.

written 1st May 2005

nico replies: It bothers me slightly that prisoners cannot vote, I would retain the ban for those convicted of electoral fraud (for obvious reasons) but prisoners being unable to vote renders prisoner conditions rock bottom on the political agenda. Only the prisoners themselves are likely to take up the cause. At the same time someone who has had their right to take part in the social community taken away should understand that this is a logical biproduct of that punishment.

written 2nd May 2005

Joey replies: Max,

I never said that I SHOULD be allowed to vote, merely that I am not voting due to being in prison.

For the record, I believe that you give up certain rights when you do break the law and get sent to prison.

My offence was for breach of the peace and resisting arrest.

Basically, I got drunk and started swearing at a cabbie who tried to rip me off by overcharging me.

written 3rd May 2005

Opted out?!! replies: Personally, I think that ALL UK Citizen's over 18 should be allowed to vote, in fact, as a requirement. People in prison are still governed, in fact, moreso than those not in prison and as such should have their options too.

What's wrong with prisioners rights is the fact that they have SkyTV, pool tables, etc., They should have an 8 by 10 and that's it! Perhaps if life wasn't so comfortable, then we would have less re-offenders!

written 3rd May 2005

Opted out?!! replies: ... and while I am at it, if a politician breaks the law, they should receive the same punishments as the man on the street. Some time ago I saw a local counciller that got caught twice the legal drink drive limit and he got a 200 fine.

The MINIMUM sentence for this (according to the lawyer that defended me about the same time and the court where my case was heard) is a 12 month ban and 300 fine.

A second offence is 3 year ban and 500 and if you are stupid enough for a third go, it's 1 year custodial. Now go read your papers and see how many officials/celebrities get close to this!

written 3rd May 2005

Garth replies: It's amazing how quick we are to point fingers at other people in or out of society, and form opinions with very little knowledge or understanding.

There are criminals who are not in prison who will vote May 5th, as there will be people in prison who deserve to vote for one reason or another, who cannot. This, to me, is sad.

I hope I never get prevented from democracy in a democratic country.

written 3rd May 2005

Tiger43 replies: Just to get off the politics thing for a bit. How is porridge at the moment? Have you had the jacuzzi fitted as standard yet? Can`t have you going without your basic luxeries!!

written 3rd May 2005

Max replies: And of course there will be people in prison between elections who won't be affected.
The irony is that if those incarcerated were to be given the vote they would probably vote for a different incarceration--that of capitalism.
Capitalism is like a prison, except no-one has noticed the door isn't locked, so you can leave any time. The door in this case being the vote. Use it to bring about a better world without politicians, leaders and the rest of the paraphernalia associated with the exploitative property society that is capitalism.

written 3rd May 2005

rhia replies: Another problem with politics is the way that everyone seems to suffer from a sort of mass hysteria on the subject of putting people in little boxes and assuming their all the same.

For instance, not only is it the case that not all prisoners are the same, but not all prisons are the same either. They acctually don't all have sky tv, and in those that do, not all prisoners are allowed to watch it.

written 4th May 2005

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