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They're not voting because...

I've more important things to do than...

I've more important things to do than vote for someone who isn't going to deliver on their promises.

written 30th Apr 2005


lars replies: A typical notapathetic post.. puffed up self importance and a misplaced feeling of superiority. Do you really have 'more important things to do' than vote.. or do you simply not want to eat into the hours you spend watching mindless 'celebrity' TV. While a diet of red-top headlines has left you convinced that you're morally and intellectually superior to our politicians... laughable if you spare a second to think about it.

written 30th Apr 2005

Caesar replies: By not voting you have no right to complain.

written 1st May 2005

matt replies: Can you list those more important things just for our benefit?

written 1st May 2005

Anonymous replies: Jeez - you guys are giving the original poster a hard time. They've got a point - politicians rarely deliver...

written 1st May 2005

mat replies: it's fair to say politicians seldom deliver on everything they promise. but saying they're all bad, giving up and sticking your head in the sand won't really chnage much. i think the point being made is it's worthless, arguably unjustifiable to complain about something you can't be bothered to change. though if this was just a throwaway comment from the original poster telling how they felt then fine, am not saying it makes them morally or intellectually inferior, rather that they must be relatively content, or they'd look to try and make a change

written 1st May 2005

Anarchy! replies: Caesar replies: By not voting you have no right to complain.

What a load of BS. If the current government does not live up to your expectations and does not run the country in the manner to which you feel fit, then you have EVERY right to complain. Whether you voted for them or not!

Did I miss something ... who do yo think that you have to vote for, in order to have the right to complain?

(a) Noone
(b) The standing party
(c) Opposition to the standing party
(d) Minority party

written 3rd May 2005

Caesar replies: Its my belief that in a democratic country (Which if you don't like, you can go to Cuba), British people have a right to impact on who leads them.

By *choosing* not to vote (see I respect that you are choosing and not just plain lazy) you are forfeiting your right to an opinion.

Either all your life you can say "I don't like that" or you can say "I don't like that and I'm going to do something to change it". If you only do the first its my view you have no right to complain because "All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing" .

Another benefit of being in a democracy is that anybody can start a political party. There is no elitism, everybody is equal. Your vote counts just as much as mine or anyone elses. If you don't vote, simply, you don't count.

Also don't give me any excuses like "The politicans won't do what I want anyway." Its the issue of getting the closest person in power who will do the things you are passionate about.

Also don't blubber to me about how "its not fair, I'm never heard". If you don't vote, your opinion holds no weight.

Only by voting can you begin to impact on politics.

So in answer to your question, you have to vote closest to the policies you want to see implemented.

But if you are determined not to vote, then so be it. Just don't come crying to me when you pay more tax, wait longer in hospitals, are the victim of crime, have an ID card, lose your job and can't get benefits.

I could go on, but your probably just going to disagree with me no matter what I say now.

written 3rd May 2005

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