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They're not voting because...

Many reasons...

Many reasons:

a)I don't know enough about politics to make an informed decision.
b)Tony Blair is a tw*t, Michael Howard is a gimp and Charles Kennedy, the only one of the three who is remotely worthy of my vote, does not seem 'leader' material.
c) I really fancy voting the Green party 'cause I am a bit of a hippy at heart, but there is no hope in hell of the Green's running this country sometime soon, so why bother?

This leaves me with two options:
1) Writing my name with a box next to it on the ballot paper, and checking the box.
2)Selling my vote:

written 30th Apr 2005


Anna replies: If you're willing to waste your vote by not voting at all, they why aren't you prepared to "waste" your vote on something you believe in, like the Green Party? Even though they most likely won't be running the country anytime soon, you could help win them seats & win them a say in Parliament..

written 30th Apr 2005

sean replies: I'd go for 1)


written 1st May 2005

Alisha replies: Cheers Sean!

Anna - I live in an extremely 'safe seat' so Green will never get in. In addition, I'm not even sure that there is a Green candidate in my constituency. Even though the election is nigh, there doesn't seem to be any election literature coming through my letterbox. Again, probably because I live in a safe seat.


written 1st May 2005

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